TFWA Group HubTFWA Group Hub“How To’s & Helpful Hints!”

The TFWA group’s HUB is one of the most important tools your membership has to offer, but only if you know how and when to use it!  The term “HUB” in this case stands for “a centralized point to access information or share information with other TFWA members that can also save that information for future viewing or use”.  Basically, it’s an easy way for us all to communicate about important happenings and have a wealth of knowledge for new members…. all in one place.

These next few pages will guide you through the proper way to use this tool including:

  • Section #1: How to Log In/ Gain Access to the HUB
  • Section #2: The Dashboard
  • Section #3: How to Post New Messages and Comment on Old OnesSection #4: Emails From the HUBGeneral Hints and Tips Along the Way
  • Section #4: Emails From the HUBGeneral Hints and Tips Along the Way

Section #1 Gaining Access to the HUB & Logging In

Gaining Access: To get your login ID and password, all you need to do is email the current Administrator and provide them with the email address you plan to use: Becky Hamm at [email protected]

Logging In:  To log into the HUB once you have your ID and password, visit: – From there, type in your username and password, then left click the “Sign in” button.  If you correctly typed in your information, this will take you to the Dashboard (see picture below).

Section #2 The Dashboard

The Dashboard: This is the first page you will always see when you first log into the HUB (see picture on the previous page).  From here, you can scroll down to see the “Projects” that can be used as categories for messages including the following five: Vineyard Activities, Political Initiatives, TFWA Festivals, TFWA Operations, and For Sale.  Always use your best judgment as to which category to use when posting a message.  Once you click on the project you want to go to, you will then have the opportunity to post a new message or make a comment on a current post.  If at anytime you want to return to the Dashboard, look to the top left hand side of the site and you should see a link that reads “Back to Dashboard”.

  • Helpful Hint:  Spend about 30 minutes just moving around the site the first time before you really use it for posting or commenting.  Use the dashboard as a reference point to explore where each link takes you.

Section #3 Posting New Messages and Commenting

Posting a New Message:  From the Dashboard, click on the project that you want to post in.  Once you see the following screen, click the red link in the center of your screen that reads “New Message”.

From there, you will be able to add a title to your message, type the full message, add any attachments, and also select who you would like to send the message to by email (VERY IMPORTANT – SEE HINT BELOW).  Once you have completed all of the areas, scroll to the bottom and you can post the message (“Post This Message”) directly to the HUB, or preview it (“Preview”) before posting. See image below:

  • Helpful Hint:  Think carefully about who you want to send the message to.  You can select “All of Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Alliance” if it is something that you want everyone to receive an email on (like a new festival, question about a vineyard issue, etc.) or you can go through the list to pick and choose who will receive an email notification.  NOTE:  Posting to the HUB will allow anyone who is a member to see your message on the HUB.  By selecting individual people you are only choosing who will receive an email notification that you have posted a message to the HUB.  See image below:

Commenting On a Post:  Commenting on a post is very simple and straightforward.  Once you have selected a project and found the message you wish to respond to, click on it and scroll to the bottom.  You should then see a screen that reads “Leave a Comment” and can post your response there.  Keep in mind that when you do this, anyone who has received an email notification on the original post will also receive an email notification of your post.

  • Helpful Hint – If your message is intended for one individual, just send them a separate email through your own email provider.  Don’t use the HUB for personal communications.

Section #4 Emails From the HUB

Email notifications are the primary way everyone communicates through the HUB and by following these guidelines you can make things much easier for yourself and other members.  Once a post is made to the HUB, you will almost always receive an email notification.  What makes these great is that you can quickly see and respond to what is happening on the HUB without ever actually logging in.  The bad part about these emails is that they can sometimes be overwhelming in number and seem irrelevant to your particular business/part of the industry.  This section will give you a few quick tips on how to use the emails correctly and save you lots of time by turning off notifications on posts that you don’t want to see.

#1 Etiquette:  To start with, always assume that if you receive an email from the HUB that everyone on the HUB has been included in the email.  This means that if you reply to the email that EVERYONE will receive your response, not just the individual who originally send the message.  If your response is meant to benefit the whole group, simply reply to the message.  If you want to comment just to one individual, send them a separate email through your email provider by making an entirely new email, just like you would at any other time you want to contact them.

#2 Getting Too Many Emails? Here is How to Stop That!:  It’s important to remember that the purpose of the HUB is to share information, so don’t get too upset by all of the emails!  There will be times when a post that is not relevant to you can get a bit tiring simply due to the number of emails you receive.  To fix that issue, follow this simple step but ONLY if you don’t want to see any more emails relating to that specific post.

  • When you receive an email from the HUB, each email has an option that reads “Stop Receiving Emails” at the bottom left-hand side of the email in very small grey print.  Click that button, enter your log in information, and you will not receive any more emails on that post!  See the image of a recent email below for reference:

#3 Note: that if you lose an email or need to find something that you archived a while back, you can also simply log into the HUB and search for it!  No need to save emails, they will all be archived on the HUB.

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