How to Calculate Your TFWA Dues

Grower: Pay only $100 Membership Dues

($0.01 per pound of grapes sold to wineries will also be applied to your membership. As a service to you, this fee is to be deducted from the payment made to you by the winery and then sent to TFWA by the winery)


1) Membership Dues: $250

2) Gallonage Tax: Winery members remit to TFWA $0.20 per gallon of all retail and wholesale wine sold for the previous year up to a maximum of $4,000)
To calculate the correct amount you will first need to pull your monthly State Wine Tax Returns / January – December for the previous year (so, for paying 2018 dues use 2017 total gallons produced). Take gallons from line # 1 (on the front of the form) for each month, add them together, then multiply by $0.20. Do not exceed $4,000 on this line.

3) Grape Poundage Assessment: This is a portion of the grower’s membership dues that you collect and remit to TFWA.
For every pound of Tennessee fruit crushed deduct $0.01 from your payment to the grower and remit to TFWA. Always provide a breakdown by farmer so that the Treasurer can give credit to the grower. Fruit grown by the winery that is used to make wine should also be assessed $0.01 per pound and remitted to TFWA.


On your winery State Wine Tax Return, line #1 reads 100 gallons each month (12x) and you used 15,000 pounds of Tennessee fruit at harvest. You also want to participate in festivals. Your dues would be as follows:

Winery Dues: $250
Festival Dues $100
Gallonage Tax 12,000 gallons x $0.20 = $2400
Grape Poundage Assessment 15,000 lbs. x $0.01 = $150
Total Dues $2,900

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