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Many visitors to Tennessee often miss the wonderful sites and flavors that our Wineries and Vineyards have to offer. Not anymore!

The Tennessee Wine Country App now allows you to customize a unique and unforgettable experience taking you on a journey through the more than 40 wineries throughout our state! This interactive travel guide permits the user the ability to pinpoint the exact location of our wineries as well as help you plan indulgent stops at local eateries or find restful lodging accommodations. If you are already visiting us, see “what’s nearby” and start planning your next stop at a Tennessee winery.

No matter your tastes or preferences, Tennessee Wine Country will be sure to leave you wanting more. So, the next time you’re with us, be sure to stop by and sip a spell while you sample the variety of Tennessee’s award-winning wineries and the vineyards that make it all possible! Open search available for that winery you just heard about and listings is also broken down into the East, Middle, and West Tennessee regions for ease of use.

The Tennessee Wine Country App is brought to you by the Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Alliance (TFWA) — a coalition of more than 36 grape growers and 40 wineries, TFWA works to increase awareness of the Tennessee Wine & Grape growing the industry in our state and continuously provide educational and research support for those in our field.


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